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Flysky After-sales Service

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Range of After-sales Services

During the warranty period, during normal use, products with non-artificial performance failures (no unauthorized disassembly, no modification or installation under the guidance of non-official instructions, damage, other non-artificial failures) or failures caused by the quality of the product itself will be repaired free of charge.



1.  Keep all related information from your purchase

Starting from the date of purchase, your product will receive a one-year warranty with the invoice, warranty card, and purchase location or channel information. The date of receipt is the start date. If there is a failure to provide valid purchase invoices and purchase information, or purchasing from retailers not recognized by Flysky, Flysky will have the right to refuse the free warranty service. (In special cases, such as missing credentials, etc., you can communicate with the after-sales service personnel to communicate the situation and possibly resolve this situation. After verification by the after-sales service personnel, the warranty period can be verified.)

2.   Exclusive Customer Service

As long as the product not been discontinued, all users of Flysky branded products may make use of the after-sales maintenance services. If during the warranty period these services will be provided under warranty as per the warranty guidelines, if outside of warranty users many still make use of our paid repair service.


Repair Costs

1.  Shipping
The round-trip freight is paid by the user by default. Once the product arrives at the factory, one of our engineers will inspect the product. If during the inspection a fault is found Flysky will rebait the cost shipping cost to the user.


2. Maintenance fee (requires technical inspection after returning to the factory)

a) Product quality problems-free maintenance

b) If the user has stored the product in unsuitable conditions:

After product inspection, the maintenance fee will be communicated to the user, after which the user can decide whether the maintenance should be carried out.


The full cost of repairs and shipping will be borne by the user in the following cases:

a) Products purchased through unofficially recognized channels.

b) Failure caused by improper storage by the user and non-product quality issues.

c) Failure caused by not operating or installing the product as laid out in the user manual.

d) Failure caused by disassembly or modification by the user.

e) Failure caused by natural wear of parts and natural disasters.

f) Failures caused by reliability and compatibility issues when using third-party products.

g) Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, operation, or use in a work environment other than that specified by the products documentation (such as high temperatures, low temperatures, excessive humidity, strong environmental interference, unstable current or voltage)

h) Malfunctions when using this product for illegal activities.

i) Damage caused by accident, abuse (including overloading), misuse.

j) Damage caused by the use of self-written or non-publicly distributed software, resulting in abnormal product behavior, as well as damage caused by maintenance performed by an unofficial authorized maintenance organization.


Flysky After-sales Process

1. Contact the after-sale service and provide information about product, faults or bugs, the time of purchase and purchase location, your name and contact information

2. When shipping the product please make sure it is sent to the address provided by the after-sales customer service team. (If the after-sales service is a distributor, the product must be mailed to the Flysky factory by the distributor.)

3. Receive and send the product for inspection and communicate to the after-sales team, the customer, product inspection information (including the degree of product failure, maintenance time, etc.), negotiate with the customer and obtain the customer's mailing address.

4. The customer receives the repaired product


1. Replacement accessories
Repair and replace the spare parts. If it needs to be returned, please contact the after-sales team in advance to arrange replacement or repair. There is no suggestion to accept scrap disposal by default.

2. Where to buy, where to sell
Please follow the general after-sale rules of "Where to buy and where to sell", that is, if you need to return to the factory for related after-sales services, please contact the location it was purchased from first, after which if the situation is still not resolved contact Flysky.

3. Dealer returns directly to factory
If individual customers of the dealer need to return directly to the factory for repair, they can also arrange for return to the factory for repair after the dealer confirms the accuracy of the customers information.


Service Application (Contact Information)

After-sales exclusive QQ: FS after-sales (2851670522) 

After-sales opening times: (Monday to Friday)
Morning: 09: 30-12: 00
Afternoon: 13: 30-18: 00
Technical support opening times:
Morning: 09: 30-12: 00
Afternoon: 13: 30-18: 00


If you want to know more about FLYSKY product information and use method, you can join:

Technical Exchange Group 1: QQ: 208592377 (full)
FLYSKY Technology Exchange Group 2: QQ: 330846663

PL18 exclusive technical exchange group
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